Crashing on PC - Open Letter

Let me start off by saying, I have tried all the known “fixes” for crashing on the PC version. I disabled the High Res Textures (as is commonly recommended), did a reinstall, lowered settings, and so fourth. I am playing the Xbox app version, so verifying file integrity is not an option, as that is a Steam only feature.

It would appear that crashing on PC is a widespread, and as of yet unaddressed issue for 343, even after the embarrassment of the crashes during the first HCS event, which were blamed on AMD drivers.

I am treating this as an open letter. All those who are experiencing these issues, I encourage you to throw in your lot to this thread.

I was able to get my hands on a 3050 a few days ago, and being able to play the newest entry in my favorite game series was something that motivated me to upgrade, but alas, it seems I still cannot play. This is deeply frustrating to me.

What can be done to fix this?


Some of these threads may be worth a look:

Don’t forget to submit a ticket:

I have the same issue with the game pass version, and the issue is still current. For verifying the file integrity, it’s still an option for games/apps from the MS store/game pass, it’s just built into Windows instead of the app.

You have to go to: start menu>settings>apps>apps & features. Go to the app/game and click on more>advanced options and click repair.

I’ve been using the Steam version for multiplayer and using the game pass version for campaign. To this day, multiplayer still doesn’t work for me with the game pass version but campaign does. I actually still test it out every now and then, this weekend I played a lot of campaign via game pass version with no crashing at all, but as soon as I go to play multiplayer it will just crash on loading the map.

This shows a video of how it crashes for me…

Steam version still isn’t perfect but I can at least get some games in before it will crash. So since Halo Infinite MP is free, I would recommend downloading it from Steam and playing MP from there.

Congrats on the 3050, what card are you coming from? I have both Nvidia and in game settings dialed in to get the most FPS without loosing a dramatic difference in visual quality. You can find those settings here…

Also, I’m really curious how the 3050 runs Halo. I’m actually thinking about building a SFF with a 3050. If you don’t mind, report back with your PC specs and the performance you’re getting with Halo and your settings & resolution.

Okay so I have tried the Steam version, and so far so good. Played 4 matches with no crashes. The screen was freezing for a second here and there during gameplay, but after some settings tweaks this stopped. And to be clear, with the Xbox app version I was crashing in Multiplayer, Campaign, and even while changing armor in the menus.

@ItzTheDay I did your recommended settings for High FPS, but anything you set to Ultra or High, I set to Medium(Except for Anti-Aliasing, which I kept High). I was seeing on average a range of 70-80 FPS, sometimes lower if there was a lot going on. The 3050 is pretty sweet so far, especially considering I paid $389. I upgraded from a GTX 980 4GB, which had performance issues for years, but I was unable to do anything about it due to the shortage.

Here are my specs:
Ryzen 5 1600x 3.6GHZ
16 GB DDR4
Samsung Evo SSD
1440p Monitor 144hz with G-Sync

Its outrageous this has been an ongoing issue since launch. They made sure to reset the ranks but not to fix the gamebreaking and competitive breaking feature… and still no option to join back.

One thing I can confirm is playing on an alternate windows profile on my pc, with another steam account and another xbox account, the crash has yet to happen in 30 hours of gameplay. Ive let 343 know this within a ticket, but no reply. Somehow the issue is not related to video settings, or hardware settings, but the windows user.

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Nice. Yeah, this game is optimized (or lack of) horribly for PC.

When Ryzen 7000 comes out, I’ll pretty much have everything but a case and GPU to build another PC. Pretty sure I’ll do a SFF with a 3050.


Not too long ago, Epic was giving away three of the Tomb Raider games for free. SOTTB will not launch for me, just stays at a black screen with audio and have to Alt F4 to exit it. Was dealing between Epic support and Square Enix support for weeks. Square asked me to make a new windows user account and try from there. Told them I couldn’t be bothered with doing that and just uninstalled SOTTB.

Update: Since switching to Steam, I’ve gone the longest without a crash yet. Fingers crossed that streak remains. I’m curious if Campaign will work on the Xbox app with the tweaks I made, or maybe Steam is just the only way. Will report back, for science.

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Keep us updated. Campaign via game pass works flawlessly for me. Actually played hours of it this past weekend and only had one crash. I think it was due to me being in the pause menu too long.

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Campaign is fine so far, seems everything may be working now. FPS is a little rough, but I think my aging processor could be to blame for that.


The #HaloInfinite team is working hard on PC stability and has identified a fix for a common crash. This fix is now in testing and should be available for download next week. Stay tuned for news and see the latest blog for more info on our priorities:

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Try my settings. What I have set to ultra, adjust accordingly to your PC.

Back to report that after a longer span of testing it out, it does in fact still crash fairly often. MP and campaign.

I heard if you goto steam and right click Halo Infinite/properties then goto DLC and un-click the hi-rez textures. Seemed to work for me. so far.

Hope that helps! :metal:

Lucky you. I’ve had it uninstalled since around the time the game launched along with all my graphic settings set to low (or off, if allowed). And I’m still crashing in the middle of the first game I play after booting up the game.

Honestly, I never had any crashing issues until the February update. Game is, quite literally, unplayable for me. Especially because 343 is still implementing the stupid banning system for “quitting early”. I’m not. The game is closing and bringing me to my desktop.

what is the comp config. This is what I run.
OS. Win11 Pro
Ram: 32 Gigs
Video: Geforce RTX 2060 Super
MB: Asus Tuff
CPU: Rayzen 7 3700X
And all of my drivers are up to date. ( That’s Windows and Hardware drivers )

Side Note: Is your CPU or VIDEO CARD getting Hot?


A #HaloInfinite patch is now live with a fix for a common PC crash and starting LAN servers. If you are currently playing, close and relaunch Halo Infinite to install the patch (600 MB or less). More info in the March Patch section of our release notes: @ halosupport

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While the game still crashes, i am getting better performance in the campaign

Still crashing after patch.

FYI not 100% sure if the function is available on all versions of the Xbox app for PC but you can verify file integrity for games by right clicking the game > Manage > Files tab > Verify and Repair. My app will then just kinda sit there like nothing happened for a few minutes then eventually the game will get the downloading icon. I assume this means it’s verifying. It’s definitely not as well implemented as how Steam handles it and it’s possible it’s only available to those on the Insiders version of the app.

Not that’ll it’ll fix your issues, it’s on 343 to patch the game.