Crashing on PC - Microsoft store

After playing for sum odd hours the game crashes when having fps spikes on PC. I bought the game from the Microsoft store

I could never get the game working on the xbox app, i’ve had no issues with the steam version though.
also you still can’t gain access to the game folders on xbox app still… so you can’t make changes to the ini or get at the cache folders etc.

Try the steam version if you havent already imo

Have you customized at all? I found as soon as i changed the default grey spartan to green with a patch I started lagging out almost every game. until i removed the chest patch and reset it to default. that patch is in the video settings and think it causes flux on pc.

Yeah i have but it is not every game. It does it in the menu too

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I went through the Xbox App and sometimes can only get through one MP game; the game then crashes whilst loading the second. It’s not a huge inconvenience time-wise, but it’s putting me off playing with friends as I don’t want them constantly being in compromised lobbies and games.

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This happens to me as well

I got it on steam and I had to lock my fps at 75 (my garbage monitors refresh rate) because any time it went over 120 ish or so it crashed. Havent had an issue since.

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