Crashing on AMD 6800 XT

Getting around 90-110fps at 2k (major improvement from first flight) only having had one dip to sub 60 for about 10 or so seconds, however I’m crashing to desktop no error code, screen flickers a little bit kinda how it does when installing new drivers. Can’t replicate reliably seems to happen on Bazaar, Recharge just has some weird screen artifacting? looks like blue dots splashed onto my screen like its paint and it flashes randomly, Live Fire seems to be the most reliable but the only map that I’ve had a major fps dip for a considerable amount of time.

Ryzen 7 3700x
32gb DDR4 3600
Powercolor Red Devil 6800 XT

Something similar happens to my system as well with an Aorus 6800 XT Master. I’m getting framerates above 70fps at 3440x1440 with ultra settings. The only issue is that I can’t even finish a single match before the game crashes my GPU. I get similar multicoloured artefacts and screen flickering similar to driver installation before the crash occurs.

Ryzen 7 3800x
16 GB DDR4 3600
Aorus 6800 XT Master (driver 21.9.1)

I get a similar issue where I see weird blue pixel artifacts that flash in the screen. although so far it only happens on Live Fire. I also get an AMD notification saying something about a driver crash after the game closes and the monitors come back on.

Asus Strix 6800XT LC
32GB Corsair Vengeance
Ryzen 9 5900x

Yeah they seriously need to fix this amd crash, happened constantly last flight and I’d hoped that they’d fix it by the time this one came out, but NOPE!

I have a MSI 6800 xt and my game plays for about 10 minutes then in the middle of matches it crashes to desktop with no errors or anything. Just tried limiting my framerate to 55 and that made the gpu hard crash and computer needed to be reset.

Ryzen 7 5800x
32gb GSkill DDR4 3200
MSI 6800XT Gaming X Trio (21.9.2 Driver)

Same issue, however it wasn’t noticeable anymore when putting graphics to High, 4K and turned of v-sync and minimum frame-rate. Restarted my PC and could play for hours before it randomly crashed in the menu settings. Playing on a LG CX (so max fps set to 120) and still have a small flicker in the training menu when changing weapons.

32GB Ram
6800XT (21.8.2)

I have an AMD 6800 Aorus Master from Gigabyte. I also get the blue artifacts and after about 5 minutes game freezes exits with a driver timeout. On the latest drivers.

16GB Ram
6800 (21.8.2)

Same issues here. I’m lucky to get 5 minutes of play before it crashes. Every time.

Running everything on ultra, sits hard on 60fps.

64GB Ram
6800XT (21.9.2)

Very frustrating.

Similar system but with a 6600xt, unable to finish a game before crashing. Also getting weird red and blue artifacts

6600XT (21.8.2)

Exact same issue. Pixel errors / artifacts in blue or red when navigating customization menus or in the middle of a game and sudden crashes without any warning resulting in an AMD error notification. Also my card is making some noise whilst playing the game.
No problems with other games or 3DMark.

RX 6800 Fighter, 21.9.2

I have an AMD 6800 XT gigabyte gaming, and my game plays for about 30 seconds and crashing.

AMD 5800x
Xpg 32gb 3600 mhz
RX 6800 xt
Cougar 850w