Crashing if opening REQ packs too quickly postgame

Has anyone else noticed the game crashing whenever you try to open/buy a REQ pack too quickly after a game?

9/10 times when I crash out of a game its because I didn’t wait 5-10 seconds between menu’s and pressing buttons after a game.

This happens to me a lot. Reverts back to main menu every time. Very annoying

RePost: It’s 343/MS having problems. Yesterday I got dropped from the first game I tried to get into. The second game I got into and played through the game. The 3rd game I tried to play I got a sync error and couldn’t play at all.
If you play a game, finish the game and back out to the lobby then hit the Y button to check out req packs the game crashes and you have to restart the game from the Home screen… Software Bug.
This has been going on for a couple of weeks now… Let’s see why…last update!!! Like usual, bugs…

I always open the daily win pack between games as soon as I get it, looking for xp boosts. I have not had the issues you are having.