Crashes are back again

6 months and still have a game that constantly crashes on PC … you even dare to not add a rejoin feature. thanks 343!

What GPU do you have?

I can only speak for myself, but back when I was playing Infinite on my Xbox One X, I had regular crashes every week. Now that I am upgraded to the Xbox Series X, I think it has only crashed once or twice. To be fair though, I don’t play Infinite nearly as much as I did when it first launched(which was mostly played on my Xbox One X).

the GPU I have is a RTX 3070

Okay, so I have a friend who’s a graphics engineer at 343. He’s told me that crashing is effecting roughly 15% of PC players currently. The bug responsible is an issue with the NVIDIA driver. 343 has reached out to NVIDIA about this issue and NVIDIA believes they have identified a fix. However a moth has passed and 343 has not heard/received an update from NVIDIA. This is obviously frustrating 343 but they can’t do anything but wait for the fix.

Note: This was info I was given several weeks ago. The status could have changed and a fix may be coming soon. But this is what I currently know.