Crash-Up Derby Remake

Hey guys, I just wanted to announce that I’ve finished a Crash-Up Derby Remake. I’ve been working on it for about 3 Weeks and after a bunch of testing with friends and randoms in custom games, the map is pretty much done at this point. We’ve had a ton of fun playing it and I hope you do too. Here are some changes that were made to the map because of the differences between Halo Reach and Halo 5.

1: No Man Cannons. To make up for this, the Knockback from Plasma Grenades have been increased. So has the Blast Radius. This can cause some chaos and in our experience, Warthogs have been sent outside the map.

2: Lowered Round Time. It’s now 2 Minutes instead of 3 Minutes. This has been lowered because of an issue we’ve experienced with the final 2 players in the hill dying at the same time. If this happened, we would have to wait until the match ended. If this happens, you’ll usually have to wait about 30 seconds. If anybody has a fix for this, some help would be appreciated. Another reason is that it can be somewhat boring driving around if there aren’t any man cannons.

3: Die if on foot. Since there isn’t an option to disable hijacking, we’ve made it where you can’t be on foot when on the course. Meaning, You’ll die if you get flipped out of your vehicle or exit your vehicle.

Best played with 4 or 5 Teams of 2.

Map: Crash-Up Derby
Game Mode: Merby

Also, I wanted to give a big thanks to StormHawker3000 for helping me with the final stages (Kill Zones, Teleports, Etc.). Saved me a ton of time.

Hey there, Nickrsn. I’m part of a new forge community aimed at showcasing as much work from forgers as possible. With your permission, we would love to show your work. Would you be okay with that?

Yea, I’d be fine with that. Go for it.

That sounds good. I am also building a crash-up derby but much bigger than the traditional ones.

Thanks man, we really appreciate it. I’m with the Agora Forge Community by the way. I never mentioned it prior. I did mention we are new but it’s cool to have something like this to show right off the bat.

Could I get you do this Map submission form? It’s super quick and it makes it easy for the rest of the team to keep track of things.

Here’s the link: Agora Forge Map Submission

We’ll get you up on our pages and it may just be on our Saturday custom game stream.
Facebook Page: The Agora Forge Community
Twitch channel: Ascend_Hyperion

Professor, when you finish yours, feel free to submit your map and gametype as well!

Alright, I filled it out. Didn’t have a map description so I just put No Description, Is that fine?

That’s fine man, no issue. Thank you!

You’re Welcome. Nice Screenshot Btw.