Crash Issues and Req Packs

I have had a lot of problems with the game crashing at inopportune times, especially when I get a new req pack. This happened to me again today – I got a gold req pack and before it opened, the game crashed and sent me back to the home screen. When I went back in, my req points were gone, but I have no idea whether I got anything new or not. Is there a way to see what was in that gold pack? Did I even get anything? How do I stop the game from crashing so much?

This happens to me sometimes too but usually my packs open for me and the game only crashes when I sell stuff I don’t want.

I hope that they are reading these issues and trying to fix them. This has been happening to me since late April.

I hope it gets fixed as well. The important thing to remember, is that the items were placed in your inventory. You can check your req inventory in-game or here on WP.

I’ve been putting up with the inconvenience since Hog Wild. It’s annoying. That annoyance became frustration earlier today when Halo 5 crashed after my first Warzone win of the day: I didn’t get my Daily Win REQ Pack. I hard reset and everything, but it won’t show up in my Open Packs, and I’ve already received credit for the win, so yeah, lame. Maybe I should make a thread about it.

For me was strange guys. Since last update I feel my game sometimes freezes for one second… Just rarely, but happen since two months ago. I have never complained about this, but! Yesterday night my game crashed when I was playing campaign. And my xbox was running the fan really loud!!! What a heck? I restart the game and everything fine, but I just feel was so weird!

Grettings for everybody!

Just got a gold req pack, and sure as hell something went wrong. I got an error message saying that it couldn’t be opened and to go to open packs to open it. So I did that and it said it had already been opened. I still showed an available open pack though. So I played a game of warzone and came back, and it said no open packs.

This is crap. I am so sick of this happening. And 343 does nothing to fix it. I have no idea what I got in my req pack this morning.