Crash = 0 Progress

Title says it all. I spent so, so many games trying to get the ghost without having it instantly get blown up so I could get 5 kills with it for my challenge. Game is almost over. It was also the first time in hours I had seen a CTF match, another challenge I needed. Surely, I would find some mercy since I’d be denied the match XP.

But no.

I got nothing. No credit. At least in MCC, it registers AS you get the kills and the progress. This is just punishing and ridiculous. And I don’t know why I am crashing and having bad performance on my 3080 after the update later into this week when I had none earlier in the week.

I am done for the night. I’ve played for hours trying to do those challenges. And I am honestly sick of trying. The game is really fun, guys, but these arbitrary challenges mixed with the fact that zero progress is saved in case of a crash is actually infuriating.

Edit: I really hope y’all can put in a system that gives you credit live as you do it like in MCC. Honestly worst feeling in the entire world to struggle and finally get the challenge done only for it to not count.

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