Crap Servers

343 you have to do something about the Servers i Cant complete a Warzone Game, and its Wasting All my XP or RP bonuses, And all the Weapons im using this is just annoying, i cant even get RP to buy more Packs because the servers keep dropping me, is there a problem with the servers and you havent posted it yet? it getting really annoying i just want to play the game and i cant.

Yes i have Resbooted my Router
Yes i have Hard Reset my Xbox
Yes im the only person using my internet.

It still may be your end. We have a Strict NAT on crappy internet and we haven’t even experienced lag or anything. One of my friends has an issue where he cannot play with a specific person, but that is on their end as well because their connection is probably the worst I have every seen. Otherwise, they can play fine.

Ive Never have had a Problem with Any Game server, Destiny is fine, All the CoD’s, i never have had a mulitplayer problem