CR problem (link to "No incentive to win" thread on bnet)

Im sure anyone who has played Reach has heard of the credit system and anyone who has read the bungie forums may know about it’s problems. Why is bad? It does not promote competition to win, some may say it actually demotes it. The thread on on the problem is here:

Remember back in Halo 3 or before? When people were all working together to get the objective? I know my gamertag mostly consist of custom games on my Halo 3 but I do know what I’m talking about. I remember great slayer battles on Sandtrap solely to get their exp up all while having fun. People communicated with each other, for example we got my bro to go there and snipe while they assigned me to the chopper. Awesomeness was ample, we would bring two elephants back to back to create a “base”, I remember looking through the scope of my battle rifle and seeing the two elephants charging (crawling) agaisnt each other and the enemy team had three guys on the top bombarding our guys with lead. I remember every time a person got the flag four people would take a mongoose. I remember seeing the team rushing for the base which was about to explode(assault).

Now, my point is that the credit system does not promote winning and instead promotes doing well in a game. And please remember that “doing well” doesn’t mean being epic, it means picking off people with the DMR insted of going to a battle and helping the team. Now battles are scarce, most conflicts are called “fights”. Better explain by the OP in my link as: If you want to rank up faster in Reach, simply sit back and build up your KD in any playlist. You’re better off picking every off with the DMR, than actually getting in that hill and fighting for your life".

What is my K/D in H3? 0.98, call me noob but it didn’t really matter then. What we talked about during the H3 days were about how we won. Not how we got a +10 K/D. What did people say about my K/D in H3? No one said -Yoink-. We talked about epic warthog runs and chases around Rat’s nest (or was it called Rat’s trap?) We talked about tank battles. Now we still do, just that there aren’t any to talk about. This also meant the same to customs, we played to win as well as have fun.

As for arena this won’t really take long. Having an arena rank meant nothing for your rank so why play it? Why rank up in arena if it’ll be wiped clean in one or three months?

As for challenges they just seem to make things worse. “Kill 100/400 enemies on any gametype” for 1000cr everyday? Well make a gametype for firefight with grunts all the time and rockets, invincibility, godspeed and bottomless clip for you. I like to play firefight matchmaking so I have no idea how I got to Lt Colonel when it turns out that many challenges were there. Now in normal matchmaking Im getting owned in “fights”.

Please somebody find a good way to fix/remove this with a TU. There are many good points made on and this isn’t the best i’ve seen.

P.S. If you were to remove this can you kindly keep the credits for the armor?

Honestly as far as I am concerned it works like this; if you want to rank up in Reach, you leave your search settings alone and drag-out every match as long as you can. If you want to win, put your search settings on winning, rowdy, chatty and skill.
Those that want to win don’t need an incentive. I admit, some players need an incentive to play. But the ones that need an incentive to win other than getting the big-W or will accept a loss in favour of retaining a high k/d, I don’t consider those players part of the “competitive” crowd. They might as well be what they call a “casual” if not getting a bigger bonus for winning is a problem.

A note, casual isn’t an insult to me, only those that are offended by casual players.