cR Banned on Halo Reach, 200k cR from Inheritor.

I’ve tried everything, attempted to contact people, xbox support, ect. And I’ve had little to no luck whatsoever. Here’s my problem; My best friend and I play a lot of Halo Reach on xbox 360, earlier this year he was diagosed with terminal cancer. He has always said he wanted to be the highest rank on Halo Reach. (Inheritor) We are currently as it stands, moments away from reaching his goal. I took the liberty of grinding out hours and hours of gameplay just to get him there. Today when I woke up to play, I had banned him somehow and now this goal is unreachable. I gain credits after completion of each game, but the total credit’s don’t move, nor does the bar. I was told I should play Griffball to get the most credits per game (source from this forum site) so I did, if we found a lobby with 7 other players who just stood around doing nothing I would get about 25,000 cR a game. So I did that for weeks. Everything was going well, I would max out at 200,000 cR a day. Wait until I could earn another 200,000 the next day, and so on. Until I met a player in the lobby of grifball. We were talking in game and he mentioned if I set my time back on my xbox settings my credit cap would reset? So naturally, I did it. Anyway, to my surprise it worked. So I earned more than 200,000 a day. (Take note, I did this for ONE DAY ONLY.) And I’m only 150,000 cR from Inheritor now. When I realised I couldn’t earn credits anymore, I was shattered, my friend doesn’t know that this has happened yet because I’m trying to resolve this issue. I can’t start a new xbox account for him because it will take years to get to inheritor and unfortunately he doesn’t have the time left in him. How can I fix my stupid mistake? Somebody, please help me.

Did they give you a reason was it banned?

No they didn’t.

Wow, guess its gonna be hard reasoning with them. What were their responses?

You manipulated the cR system, and for that, you may not be able to earn any more credits.

That sucks man. You’re just going to have to come clean to your friend. There are definitely more important things in life, especially considering that he has a limited time on this Earth.

Sorry man, afraid Rndom might be right. Best wishes for your friend.

If it’s you first credit ban then it probably won’t last for very long, try again tomorrow or the day after. The ban will be for manipulating the credit system though, you’ll have tripped the max daily limit. From memory it’s usually like a 24 hour ban, unless you did do it more than once in which case the ban will be extended.

I hope it works again, reaching Inheritor would be a huge accomplishment!

I’ve gotten a credit ban before.
No big deal.
There is a hidden daily credit cap that adjusts based on rank. Play tomarrow it should be gone.

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> I hope it works again, reaching Inheritor would be a huge accomplishment!

I reached it once, of course this was offline so when I made it an online account I lost most of it down to warrant officer I think, I am no commander.

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