CQC v/s long range

Does anyone prefer up close and personal old testament style fighting? It seems like there was more of this when H4 first launched. Now it seems like everyone wants to stay across the map and snipe at anyone who strays from the edge. I have always played infinity slayer because of the smaller maps and tighter places but now the population has crashed and BTB is the only list with decent population. For me there is just way more excitement in an assassination or kill with a good rifle butt to the face, than a shot to the back of someone’s head from across the map as the opponent is engaged with another player.

CQC, gotta love the AR!

I much prefer CQC. It takes much more skill and is much more exciting (at least in Halo 4. Who wins a long range battle is not usually decided by skill but who has the better weapon (for that specific range) and who is most heavily effected by flinch. No excitement in long range battles anymore.

All I have to say is, “I love my Gravity Hammer!” :slight_smile:

I’m a CQC guy. Just look at my Halo Reach record. (H4 has more long-ranged fights.)

Up close and personal, all day. I like sniping when playing defense on CTF on Ragnarok however.

On a side note, I’m sick of the BR.

I like Both.

There’s no option in the poll for mid-range :confused:

Long-range combat is usually decided by who randomly flinches the most, as PulmonaryHeart4 said. Close-range too often puts me in positions where I can get team-shot by the enemy and don’t have team support to fall back on. Mid-range is where it’s at for me.

Very true. I kinda jacked the whole poll up from the beginning. First time I started a thread and I was a lil frustrated from being team shot repeatedly, lol. I agree tho that mid range is often a good choice strategically, but sometimes I just wanna bash people in the face more than worry if I die a few times. As long as I’m not hurting the team racking up a bunch more deaths than kills that is. It’s just that it seems harder and harder to do with all the sniper/camper folks. How about a CQC game type totally opposite of team sniper? Maybe using pre set loadouts where the AR is the longest range weapon available? A Spartan can dream right?