CQB in Season 2?

So CQB is my favourite Armour and Helmet I feel lost without it but I’m getting worried about it now because In the season 1 Trailer before the game came out CQB was clearly there you could see it in the trailer but when the game finally came out it was nowhere to be seen in the game. It was nowhere in the battle pass. it wasn’t a campaign unlock, it wasn’t in an event and it didn’t even show up in the store all season so Naturally, I thought oh they must be keeping it for season 2 but the trailer for season 2 is out now and CQB was completely absent from the trailer and now I’m getting worried about the armour being scrapped. I feel I have been waiting patiently for season 2 for the armour and I really don’t want bad news about it coming in season 3 or it being scrapped so please please tell me is CQB going to be in season 2?


Yeah, 343 doesn’t seem to care about the armor all that much. They still haven’t fixed George’s shoulder, they put the ODST helmet from H3 in the MkVB core customization instead of the one from Reach, they left out a lot of armor pieces from Reach in the season called “Heroes of Reach”.

I get fixing the game is priority one, but it still seems kind of lazy to me, especially George’s shoulder still not being fixed.


Noooooooooooo I just watched the season 2 stream and there is no sign of CQB where the hell is it??? its not in the battle pass where is it!!!

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They specifically show that this is fixed in Season 2 lol so rest assured, my friend!

They did mention another Event coming later in Season 2 or 3, called “Entrenched.” You may find some hope in CQB being there.

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Oh man lookie there, another 6 month period where I’m going to avoid this game like the plague because my favorite armor which is clearly in-game isnt able to be unlocked. What a surprise 343 disappoints me again.


While each season is supposed to add in new armor cores and armor content for said cores, the shop will also feature items for each previous season’s Armor Core (save for Fractures content, as that will be live only during events).

My issue I have with this is that means we will have Four Armor Cores live for Season 2

  • Mark VII Gen-3
  • Mark V Bravo Gen-1
  • Raksasha
  • Eaglestrike

And while the battlepass will focus on Raksasha, the store will rotate weekly with bundles of items. Which means that if the store doesn’t get reworked and you have been waiting for the JFO Mark V Bravo Pack to come into the shop, you will have to possibly wait a few weeks to get it and it will only be available for only one week; given that previous season bundles will also likely be shuffling through the shop.

The shop needs a rework overhaul.
Why not instead have each Armor Core have a tab of the shop, where you can buy items and bundles for both microtransaction currency AND tokens that we earn in-game similar to MCC’s Exchange system?
This way we can unlock Armor for whatever core we want whenever we want.
BUT we still keep the Weekly/Daily content on the storefront page, but instead have it be items set on discount?

Also, Event Passes need to be reworked entirely. Just make it so the Event Pass is on the non-premium Battle Pass but spread out throughout the hundred tiers; so players can get the items as they level up.


Feels personal man.

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Almost didn’t happen for halo 5, got / one of its last updates.

Halo infinite shows it multiple times in the trailer.
…Almost a year later…still no CQB…

I would prefer halo 3, but reach’s version works if available.

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Not sure why my post was flagged all I did was point out the truth that last week CQB was still not in the shop and you know what this week it is still not pointing out a fact does not go against any rules so who ever is flagging these post stop it and wake up to yourself

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It’s literally the only armor I want. I haven’t played Infinite in months because I’m waiting for the helmet, co-op campaign, and forge.


so no word on cqb for season 2?

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Still no word on CQB or other vaulted helmets like CQC or JFO.

CQB and Mark V are rumored to be releasing this season.

However, perhaps they will fall under the tragedy of CQC and JFO - not rotating into the shop while other bundles insist on being featured three or four weeks out of the entire season; so as a result they are not available in season.

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Wouldn’t mind the CQB Shoulders back. Not a big fan of the helmet though.

Halo reach’s CQB for the third time…

Maybe we can get halo 3’s cheeks and paint job/ attachments?

Im just waiting for CQC, then my Reach spartan will match my Infinite MK5. Did CQC or CQB come first in the lore?

stuck in “To Be Continued” hell.

Hence why they should rework the shop as I had laid out MULTIPLE times before on the forum to a more superior format that will guarantee customer satisfaction is maintained while profits would still flow in.

In other words, copy what Rainbow Six did and NOT what Fortnite did.
Fortnite was successful because 6 year olds exist.
Rainbow Six was successful because of a long-standing fanbase.
Which one does Halo have out of those two?

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CQC and CQB were developed along side each other by the same manufacturer Beweglichkeitsrüstungsysteme.

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a new week and still no CQB but we are on repeats wtf?

Another week gone by still no cqb instead we go 2 bootlegged cqb’s