Covie Spartans (RolePlay)

Begin your life as a Covenant Spartan working for Night Gaurdians and help us find and destroy the MasterChief or under if fail surrender to him and feel his wrath…or forgiveness.

If you don’t understant then my Bio will explain everything

i guess its not common for people to talk on here

roleplay starts if you want to join just say ‘‘herice’’

roleplay starts if you want to join just say ‘‘herice’’

stares out a window and lets a sigh as the small part of the forest i grew up in fades out of sight(Halo 3 ODST SoundTrack plays in the back ground)

  • think of how i have to kill Chief and trembles at the thought of it*

Nathen comes up behind me and grabs my shoulder

looks away from the window and walks over to the barracks,grabs a plasma charger for my energy swords and sits on a bench and begins to clean my plasma rifle

Nathen chuckles ‘‘Now i remember why they choose you to be raised by elites.’’

Nathen chuckles ‘‘Now i remember why they choose you to be raised by elites.’’

‘‘It’s Sanghili you -Yoink-’’

Nathen sighs, grabs his fuel rod cannon and begins cleaning it too ‘‘just because you were raised by them doesn’t mean you should act like one’’

I look at him then back at my gun ‘’ Then the same rule applys to you KillJoy’’

‘‘I thought we agreed not to call me that’’ The ship shakes and a rumble courses though the ship,Aja rushs through the door way ''We got contact on the starboard side!" Nathen shook himself and stared at Aja ''I think we noticed"

I groan and push Aja out of the way as I pass through the door, i walk though the long dim lit hallways and i feel at peace, i approch the control panel for the plasma turrets and activate the starboard cameras, i see a Covenant Flagship just like the one i’m in but it seems to look like its about to fall apart at any moment.I start charging the plasma coils.As they charge the other ship slowy turns and trys to flee.The plasme turret release a heavy blow on the enemy ship and cut it clean in half.Aja and Nathen approch me “Why are they turning?” they both ask, then they looked at my cameras and their jaws drop “Oh my god that happened fast!” i remove my helmet and look at them, they look back at me and seem stunned, I smirk and walk back to my bunk, i sit my helmet down on a stool then i look in a mirror.My black eye patch looks more and more like horror story each day that passes,I remove it and stare at the at the dark void of where my left eye used to be.My eye turns a deep blue and i sit on my bed.My eye and my visor on my helmet change color to my mood(Blue mean sad,Red means angry,Green means happy,Yellow mean shy,Orange means annoyed,Pink means distracted,Purple means romantic,White means scared,and Black means depressed) I look at the floor then i grab my Com,I tell my team to get into their cryo tubes, I pull out my twin A.Is Darkus and Lightus,I put them in the pedestal next to me they both apper laying next to each other,their are in the form of dragons,Darkus opens one eye and looks at me,opens his other eye and pokes Lightus with his wing tip,she perks up and looks around,her blue eyes look at me and she smiles,Darkus’s black scales ripple as he stands on his hind legs “What is it this time?”

  • “I fancy eating a human” said Darmus*

“i need you to wake every up once you have located the signal of the MasterChief” Darkus and Lightus stare at me then at each other,he evaporated and so did Lightus.I walk to the cryo bay,the rest of my team was already asleep,i climbed into my tube and pulled the top down,i felt a cold breeze across my face,then i began to drift to sleep

My dream was simple and calm at first but then it took an odd turn( which i enjoyed) (i’m ashamed of that) First thing that happened: a dark figure stood infront of me it stuck its hand out to me, saw that the hand was armored, Spartan Armor Mark VI, a deep voice emitted from the figure* “Please take my hand…Trust me” i stared at the figure it was in the shape of a Spartan, i took it’s hand, such a strong grip, it pulled me to my feet then i could see who it was, The MasterChief, i was stunned and dizzy i stumbled a bit but he pull me close to himself, he chuckled and stared at me, i reach for my energy sword and pull it out activating it, i pull away from him and raised my sword and brought it down on his shoulder but he grabs my wrist and uses his other hand to get my other energy sword, he removes it from my belt and activates it, i swing at him again but his blade meets mine “If you want to fight then you should choose someone else to fight with” my visor turned yellow, i stop and look at him he deactivates the sword and hands it back to me, i look at the energy sword then back at him, my visor turned to pink, soon i smell a sweet aroma emitting from somewhere, i look around and i see the forest i grew up in, the huge tree that i had built a small room in was there, the lagoon that held an eel like animals, an arena made of rocks and a red dragon perched on a rock “you see it too” i feel his hand on my shoulder “You can keep it” “Keep what?” “The energy sword” “Oh…Ok” i feel him unlatch the clamps on my helmet, he removes it and sets it on a near by stump, he turns me around and looks at me, i look back at him then i look pass him, i see the air and light bend to cover up something, i look at Chief and it seem like he can see what i see, he turns a looks at the shapes approching us, Chief shoved me back pulled a shot gun off his back and shot at the shapes, an Elite fell to the ground and it’s friend charged at Chief and shot at him, Chief seemed to dodge every ball of plasma, i was wooed by his gracefulness, he shot the Elite and it feel to the ground cold, he look back at me and chuckled, my eye had turned purple, he wipe some of the Elite blood off of his arms and gun, he put it back in place and walk over to me “I know what that color means” “and it seems you enjoyed the little show i put on” i giggled and walked over to the lagoon, he followed me and sat on the bank “I’m kind of shy about this but this my home so i really want to” “You really want to do what?” “Swim” he laughed again and covered his visor “Better?” “Good enough” i removed my armor and my top and pants, i was wearing a purple bikini, i grabbed my helmet and put it back on, i slipped into the warm water, i felt Gintofy (eel like creatures) swim around my feet “You can open your look now” Chief uncovered his visor and looked at me, i dove below the surface of the lagoon and looked around the clear water, the Gintofy swam around me and nibbled at my arms and legs, i looked up and i saw Chiefs helmet but then it disappered, i was worry he had left so i peeked my head out to see, i saw a pile of armor then i saw Chief he on brown pants that went to his ankles and a gray T-shirt, as i saw him turn i when below the surface again, i watched the Gintofy swim in circles and chase each other around, (Halo 4 song Haven plays in the back ground) I turned around and swam to the bottom of the lagoon, Chief sat and had his nees to his chest “So thats what you didn’t want me to see” “Yes… do you have problem with that?’’ “No i just think it funny because now i see what you were hiding” “Oh” “Its ok, I don’t stare” “You kept your clothes on?” “Yes, you could have kept yours on” “…” he chuckled “Are you ok?” “Yeah sorry” “You get distracted a lot” “I do?” “Yes…Silly” “Sorry” “Don’t worry abo-” he was cut off by a loud bang, we swam to surface just to see an ugly sight, the Covenant was every were, they were destroying the huge tree and using the rocks from the arena to throw at each other “My home…” Chief looked at me then climbed out of the lagoon “-Yoinks!- got my armor and yours,stay in the lagoon” he fought the Covenant without his armor which i was wooed by again, i climbed out and found my clothes, i slipped them on and grabbed my energy sword, i started killing the Elites and Jackels “I thought i told you to stay in the lagoon” * i turned to look at the lagoon but the only thing that was there was flat ground* “Now i’m glad i didn’t listen to you” ''Me too” we fought and fought till the last Grunt dropped chief and found our armor but he didn’t put his on so i didn’t either, he sat on the ground with his back on a tree, he looked at the ground and sighed, i walked over to a small plant and pulled one of its fruits and bit into it, it was sweet and bitter at the same time, i pulled off another and put it in my pocket, i turn and walked over to where Chief was sitting i sat on the other side of the tree, i peeked my head around the tree to see what he was doing he looked at me and my visor turn yellow, he chuckled and looked back at the ground, he began to remove his helmet, i stared at him as he removed it, he had light brown spiky hair shaved on the sides, he had deep blue eyes and a scar across left eye, he looked me again and nodded his head, i slid over to him and pulled the fruit out of my pocket and held it in front of him, he shook his head, i threw it to the side, he smiled and picked me up by my waist, ha sat me down on his lap, he looked at me and stroked my hair, he pulled me in closer to himself and removed my helmet, i could feel his warm breath on my neck and chest, my face was inchs from his Then i woke up of course i was disappointed(which is the part i’m ashamed of).

I gasp for a breath and receive a cold blast of air into my lungs, it stunned me and hit my head on the top of the Cryotube.I lean back look for the emergency release handle, its above my head, i pull on it and the top of the Cryotube pops open.I swing my legs out and look around the room, my team looks at me in strange ways, somethings not right.I walk down the hallway to the control room and i see Darkus typing something into the computer, i walked over and looked at the cameras “What happened?” “Well at first everything was normal but then it took a turn…literily” “And?” “We sent a drone to watch him but he noticed it but…” “What?” “Watch this” Darkus showed me a panel that lit up and showed the DC (DroneCam).It showed the MasterChief behind a rock, he looked around the side of the rock, a group of grunts shot at him, then he noticed the drone, he grabbed it before it could get away.He looked into the camera. “Great, now i’m being watched” “What do i have to pose the camera?” he let the drone go looked over the top of the rock, he stood and looked back at drone. “Hope you can keep up” he got in a running stance and took off running it looked like he was running for his life then the video click off “Why did he run?” ''His shields are failing" “…” “Are you ok?” “…Yeah i’m fine its just…nevermind, lets just get down there destroy him once and for all” “Ok, preparing DropPods” *i grabbed my A.Is and headed towards the DropBay.I got in my pod and strapped in"