Covenant Warthog? Just bring back the Spectre

Shouldnt 343 just bring back the covenant warthog, the spectre from halo 2, instead of making a warthog that elites try to reconfigure for whatever reason?

i think the concept is more lorewise, call it a possible testgrid for halo 6.

allies share research, why would an advanced alien race want warthogs? well, they lost a lot of sangheili to them. give them shields and homing rounds that explode when multiple projectiles strike a single object and then its even more deadly. it makes perfect sense if you think about it. we got the energy bayonets and they got a hog.

gameplay wise i loved the spectre, and i do not think the sword hog is going to replace it, but it might just be the backbone for halo6’s sandbox. dont you think?

Yeah it’s cool to have a covie warthog but cmon 343. You ARE allowed to implement new vehicles you know.