Covenant poetry in motion.

Hello all!

So this a challenge to all who would like to join, the challenge is to make a poem that you think covenant elites and hunters would make.

This idea was inspired from Orion Crux 9 from the fun facts post.

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> > > Hello all this is more of a question.
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> > > But was there ever a Spartan that would use the Flamethrower weapon as there main weapon? Because of the Spirit of fire there was a specialized unit known as Hellbringers.
> >
> > Wouldn’t be surprised Spartans specialize in many weapons including Covenant weaponry (Vale).
> >
> > Fun fact Elites and Hunters sometimes do War Poetry.
> I wounder what there poetry would be like…? That could be a fun challenge post, have people create poetry with that fun fact in mind.