Covenant Forge world... Highly Unlikely...

I see alot of people complain on this site about how they want a covenant themed forge. It is seriously unlikely that it will ever happen. First off, all the covenant blocks are usually rounded and have dynamic shapes and what not, and would actually look really bad in forge. Blocks that use units such as 1x1, or 5x5 flat are absolutley essential in forge, but that cannot be done without the blocks looking stupid. Do you see any squareness on midship or zealot? no. personally, I love the theme of the forge pallette we have now, but it is time for something new. Im just trying to deliver the message to people saying that new alexandria themed blocks or unsc blocks are alot more feasable then covenant themed blocks. We will most likely not recieve and new dlc for forge in halo reach, but just a heads up for anyone who is hoping for covenant themed forge in halo 4.

Before Halo Reach came out, everybody saw forerunner architecture as being sleak, rounded and not of this world. According to the Forge World vidoc, Bungie created the forge objects to be forerunner themed. I thought Forerunner architecture was supposed to look like the Valhalla bases or sandtrap? No, every forge object on forge world and tempest is dull, grey and linear. That is not to say 343 can or can’t make a covenant forge world. I would personally prefer having themes to the forge palette.

Themes of blocks is also highly unlikely dude… imagine things such as struts, Large Anntenaes, and brace tunnels. Now picture them with a unsc or covenant theme… Pretty stupid right? You cant give forerunner architecture the skin of unsc or covenant. It just doesnt work. Since most of the reach population is greedy, they constantly want more from 343, yet they can only do so much. People who are good at forge and know how to use it to build quality slayer maps enjoy forge, and make use of what they have, Such as myself. Sure it gets it bit bland here and their, but i know how to add lots of color to my map using a few tricks.

With the addition of phased geometry in Forge 2.0, circular Covenant pieces wouldn’t be as much as an issue.

Themed objects would work just fine so long as they are implemented properly. It’s one thing to take an object’s shape, then skin it. It’s another if the “themes” actually each have their own unique objects, and only basic shapes co-exist in all of them.

Well they can at least add more Covenant Items all they have are crates and barricades they need more items or able to color a wall or building competly not just a line or small squares in the item

> With the addition of phased geometry in Forge 2.0, circular Covenant pieces wouldn’t be as much as an issue.

This. A covenant themed forgeworld is more than possible. Myself and the guys at RP have spent tons of time disecting the maps for forge objects. Why? Because that is how real maps are made for games, re-using objects to save on loaded memory. There are a ton of covenant shapes that are re-usable. On both Spire and Zealot.

As for phasing things together, there is actually a “bloody” junction point that is built into several of the pieces that are used to join the circular pieces together fluidly. It is a way of “welding” the pieces together while still making them look naturally covenant. You can see these “bloody” junction sections on pieces in the center of Zealot. Also nothing HAS to be in specific units… they just have to all be on the same scale and each piece has to fit with another neatly using the junction points.

Now I will agree that a Boneyard, Anchor 9, Boardwalk, or Swordbase set would be much easier to pull off, however that doesn’t leave off a Covenant themed forge world from the possibilities.