Covenant dance ost of Halo CE in Halo Infinite?

there is any chance that we will listen again “covenant dance” of OST of Halo CE in Halo infinite? is 20 years mark, i would love to listen to it again in some remake… that music is brilliantttttttttttttttttttt, who agrees with me?

I would like it to be called “The Banished Ballroom”.

They could honestly just play covenant dance on every mission and it’d probably fit

Yes we need Covernant dance remastered in INFINITE.:pray:

Want, need, must have this.

should be so perfect, that music is amazinggggg, i really hope 343 will add it someway in campaign or multiplayer

Yeah I’d love to see Covenant Dance make a comeback

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> Want, need, must have this.


Couldn’t agree more. That’s my favorite piece from every Halo game. Hearing that on AotCR when the door opens at the end of the level and you fight that huge wave of Covenant with the gold sword Elite, and then Cortana “Analyzing… Covenant defenses have been eliminated,” as the music keeps booming and you go on your victory lap into the control room :slight_smile:

I would also like to listen to it.