Covenant Carbine Weapon Guide (video)

It’s Friday, that means it’s time for another weapon guide! =)

I would first of all like to thank everyone who gave feedback. This video is 100x better than the previous one, and I couldn’t have made it this way without you! =)

Notable Changes from the previous guide;

  1. Cleaner Graphics - it looks smoother and more professional
  2. More space for the video - a lot of you requested this, and I heard you loud and clear =)
  3. Font - I changed the font, I hope its ok this time. I like it.
  4. Music - The music is now from Halo 4 instead of Reach.

So here is the link to the new and improved weapon guide featuring the Covenant Carbine, enjoy =)

Just as with the previous video any and all criticism (positive and negative) is welcome and appreciated, let’s keep making these videos better =)

P.S. - If you missed my previous Assault Rifle guide, here it is

And now that this is FINALLY done I’m going to go and sleeeeeppppp zzzzzzzzzzzz

Again very well done!

Well done, my friend. Well done.

Now that’s a quality video. Wow.

Your videos are awesome!

Nice videos.

That’s certainly quality work. It held my attention the whole 13 minutes. I look forward to any other halo videos you make

I like the carbine and i have no problem playing support. But my only issue is when facing equally skilled players the carbine surely loses most fights. I had a match of solace where i beat a carbine guy everytime with m BR even though we both kept landing all our shots. I was winning not because i was better but because i required less shots to kill.

In short in my opinion the only real way to win against anyone with the carbine is if you stack all odds against them and make the fight as one sided as possible. (please don’t take this as me bashing on the weapon.)

I really liked how you stated how each AA secondary ETC was useful but at the bottom when moving between sections we could see what you generally use with that weapon. All though i must correct you. In the video you said grenadier grants 3 grenades of each type. This is true except for the pulse grenades. you normally only start with 1 grenadier gives you an extra meaning you spawn with 2.

Other then that great video. subbed.

Amazing job bud! You have a new subscriber

Oh I didn’t know that about pulse grenades. I haven’t unlocked them yet so the only experience I have with them is picking them up lol, thanks I’ll remember that.

That was one of the best amateur youtube vids ive ever seen.

Great job, i would love more.


I’m realizing Carbine + Plasma pistol is a great combo. so is BR + Plasma pistol, just because you have more bullets for that last headshot

Wow thats some epic work there. Nicley done. Thats detail right there

> I’m realizing Carbine + Plasma pistol is a great combo. so is BR + Plasma pistol, just because you have more bullets for that last headshot

Yea, they are both really forgiving weapons.

Actually that is probably the Carbine’s greatest strength - it has ALMOST no fire delay (there is one, but it is very minor, probably just to combat modded controllers) Its really easy to get that last headshot.

Your use of Halo 4 assets is ingeniously clever and the presentation was so delightful (and I’ve only watched 1 min of it)!

Covie Carbine FTW. I wish the campaign had Support Upgrades so I could use Ammo or Dexterity with it.