Covenant BTB???

I never thought i would say this but in halo 4 there’s just too much UNSC! I really don’t want to start on how much i hate the mantis and how overpowered it is. I rarely get the chance to use any covenant vehicles mainly my favorite, the wraith. i only see it in dominion and that annoys me because dominion currently isn’t in matchmaking.

So over the past few days I’ve been looking at maps like Ragnarok and Exile(mainly because they always get voted)trying to figure out how this could work and it’s actually quite simple.

-Beam rifles replaces sniper rifle spawn.
-Wraith replaces mantis spawn.
-Banshee spawn is normal.
-Ghost replaces warthog spawn.
-Two plasma pistols for each team spawning at their bases so vehicular warfare can actually happen.
-plasma turret replaces machine gun turret.
-Concussion rifle spawn at pelican.
-Fuel rod cannon replaces rocket launcher spawn.
-Energy sword replaces spartan laser spawn just because it’ll look awesome having a sword in the middle of the battlefield :slight_smile:

-Beam rifle spawns at both teams base(regular sniper rifle spawns).
-Two plasma pistols spawn at both teams base.
-Wraith replaces scorpion spawn.
-Fuel Rod cannon spawn in center cave base.
-One ghost for both teams spawning at their bases.
-Plasma turret replaces machine gun turret.
-Concussion rifle spawn in the cave by the scorpion spawn.
-Banshee spawn is normal.

-Primary weapon: Covenant Carbine
-Secondary weapon: Storm rifle
-Plasma Grenades
-Armor abilities: None or maybe just Regeneration field
-Tactical Package: FirePower
-Support Package: Ammo

The Covenant carbine has the same range as the Battle Rifle so so instead of plucking people off with your DMR you’ll have to get a little closer and work a little harder for your kill. And if your used to hiding in a corner and plucking people off then that’s just sad. You also have a storm rifle for even closer engagements. If you’re in a vehicle your really don’t have to worry as much about getting owned by a plasma pistol now you can focus on the other wraith or the other banshee.