Covenant Asthetic

So I was just playing Infinite and realised how much I miss the Covenant aesthetic, would of been so cool in campaign to of had a crashed cruiser you could go in, maybe to retrieve something.

Or even a mp map with aesthetic would be nice, kind of got a feeling it’s feeling less alien these days. or maybe I’m just having an off day lol


I miss the purple vehicles…


What’s interesting is the Covenant Ghost is in the files, alongside other vehicles like the wraith and I believe the banshee.

This could mean that in season 3 we’ll see these vehicle get added to the forge and we’ll be able to recreate some UNSC vs Covenant battles… I just remembered there’s no playable elites… rip

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Seems to be a lot in the files that isn’t in the game, I know there was a video of people actually using the fuel rod gun, so hopefully a covenant season coming

I think this was a big mistake with Infinite. The Banished, Forerunner, and Human aesthetics are all too similar. Sometimes I barely noticed a base was banished and wasn’t part of the ring. One of the strong choices in CE was the huge difference from covenant aesthetics to forerunner and humans.

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