Covenant and forerunner allies?

I thought they were allies since the covenant worshipped them so much? But in the trailer it looks like they’re killing each other.

Just because you worship something/ someone, doesn’t mean the thing/ person you’re worshiping cares for you.

The Storm Covenant are probably in for a huge surprise in Halo 4.

When the Covenant first land, the Forerunner constructs might simply attack because of pre-programmed response protocol, but when the Didact awakens, he’d obviously see the advantages of controlling the Covenant instead of fighting them.

We’ve already seen sceenshots on this website, of a Knight and some Covenant Grunts standing beside each other, in a non-combat mode.

You guys think we’re gonna go on another halo (that’s why the game is called halo right? excluding odst and reach) or any other planets in halo 4?

I saw a video a few weeks ago (before the pesky pirates got the freaking game and started leaking stuff) and it was of a Promethean Knight with some grunts and it was waving it’s arms around and it seriously looked like it was ordering them. Makes sense really. The Storm Covenant came to Requiem because it was of Forerunner origin. They still worship the Forerunners. So when they meet the Didact they will probably want to follow him to the ends of the Universe. So yeah. Initially the Knights are fighting the Covenant because… Well I have no clue and even if I did I probably could not post it here because I think we might be in for a huge plot twist or something. I just can’t wait to see.