Couple things I want from halo infinite

  • Actual pregame lobbies like the old halos where you can see other player Spartans while the game is loading and even expand from that - map vote / veto - more objective game modes - Full armor customization - Unlock cosmetics through earning them ( at least some ) - daily challenges - spartan ops - forge world - ai in forge - Atleast 1 Official playlist for community maps - dev btb maps - Couple remakes from the older games - NO recycled / remixed maps like in halo 5 (Big One)

Most of this I’m down with. Just a couple points…
1: I can get behind the veto option , but the vote has to stay gone. I get everyone loves the idea of “democracy” , but voting only leads to the most popular maps and modes being played ad nauseam. I hated Snow bound and Isolation as much as the next person , but someone likes them and deserves to play them.
2: More objective modes are fine (I guess) , but “you gotta keep’em separated”. Social or ranked , Idc ; I came to kill people and blow stuff up ; not chase flags.
3: I think Forge A.I. is beyond 343 , but I hope the Forgers get it , just so pleas for it go away.
4:And most important , in before lock. There is an official wish-list thread for just this kind of post.

  • Veto - I agree with the idea of a veto system. I despise voting. It only leads to the same maps being played over and over, making the game become stale far too quickly. I’d rather nothing at all than voting. - I love objective gametypes. It’s just a shame that they’re not as popular. I think if there’s a good matchmaking system from launch, everything should be fine. For custom games, all gametypes need to be available from launch day. - I agree with full armour customisation. Original Reach did it best. MCC Reach has one of the worst possible systems. - All cosmetics should be unlocked by earning them. Not “at least some”. All. Nothing in the game should be unlocked by doing anything other than playing the game. - Spartan Ops didn’t work. It was cool while it lasted, but it’s not practical and never gained much attention. The idea should be abandoned. - I’ll never understand why people are so desperate to have Forge World back. Apart from the terrible controls, Halo 5’s Forge was far better than anything in Reach. With the addition of terrain pieces, Forge World is obsolete. All we need is either a much larger budget or a direct terrain editor. - AI in Forge - Sure, if it’s plausible. - Yep. I’m in for community-made maps. - Of course I’m in for large-scale dev maps. Not including them in Halo 5 was one of its many problems. - Agreed. Remixed maps just dilute the option set. I’m fine if maps are modified for different gamemodes like Infection, etc. but remixed maps should not appear on the same playlists as the originals.