couple seeking to play with others


We’re seeking a group of active players to group with. We’re looking for fun, talkative, easy going people who laugh at a loss and celebrate in a win.

We’ll be doing both matchmaking and co-op (hopefully jumping straight into legendary hehe). We’re in GMT -9 and are online most nights after 7pm or all day on our days off.

We’re 24 and 25 years old, our group doesn’t have to be all adults, there’s some awesome kids out there, but it’d be nice to have some adults to talk to as well.

Super excited about Halo 4, NerdRagingMan has been playing since the beginning and I’m just a beginner, so I need a group who isn’t going to jump down my throat if I take dirt naps most of a match. NerdRagingMan does try his best to teach me and we’ve done some pretty sweet matches, but it’s all for the fun and it really sucks when someone has to point out rudely I’m a noob.

If we sound like a couple for you, FR either or both NerdRagingWoman and NerdRagingMan

Send me an invite maybe, I’m normally playing with a group of people but I might play with some other people now that one of them is really ticking me off. I’m easy going and not a jerk, and as is my friend that lives near me and plays with me as well.

I’m GMT-0700.

And man lol, recruiting feels like a dating forum now (no offense).

Give us a look, 18+ Gaming Community with a few couples already in our ranks.

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Woah woah this is a family friendly forum, not a swinger’s bar. Lolz jk. I like to chat and have fun while I play. I play the best I can, and I’m a pretty good player, but I don’t get mad when I lose. I’m 23, so, add meh. I don’t have Reach right now tho, but getting Halo 4 on release. My gamertag is my username: Whootie Lover

Check out the PraetoriaGuard. We’ve been in existence now for 8 years, and are known to be one of the oldest, most established, and respectable clans out there. We are extremely active and have an awesome community filled with gamers, specifically lots of Halo gamers in your choice. We have laid back gamers, and competitive gamers as well with teams and practices. We often hold game nights, and most people enjoy a bit of everything, so you’ll find what you’re looking for. We have people who make videos, are interested in art, hold tournaments, just about everything you would want in a community.

Read about us here:

and check out our website:

Thank you for all the replies, I’ll definitely check you all out.

Sorry for the “dating” sounding post, hehe I’m use to posting on mmo sites for a guild and they are a little more warm and cutesy than xbox clans I guess. =)