Couple problems after joining this new halo waypoint

Hi, i have encountered a couple of problems when i joined this new halo waypoint site
first, i cant find where to change my profile picture (or im not able to ?)
second, cant change my email address
do i have to go on a different website ?
if anyone can help, that’d be very helpfull, thanks

Can’t change profile pic on the website, it’s connected to your Xbox account. You can change you profile pic on Xbox and it will change here. Not sure about email though.

thats what i did for the profil picture, but it still didnt update

Tried logging out, then back on?

Oh great ! it updated :slight_smile: now just need to figure out how to change my email

For your insider account or just your account in general?

for this halowaypoint account, the email linked to this account is just a bunch of leters/numbers ending with “halowaypoint.invalid

That’s your normal outlook account that connects to your Xbox. It’s the same for me, that’s just how Waypoint recognizes the email I guess.

thats very weird, but i guess that fix my problems, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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No problem, have fun.

You can’t change the email address on the forum at the moment. The invalid address is there as a means to turn off the ability to use email on here. Email will be turned on at some stage and the email will update from your Xbox profile and/or you’ll be able to update it in preferences.

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oh thanks for the extra clarification :slight_smile: @LgndryDad

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Oh that explains a lot actually. Thanks man. :flyinhigh: