Couple of things I do love about infinite

#1 pushing players off the map with the repulser. So great… I like it as much as busting through those double doors on Terf in the warthog and getting a splatter. I probably got 20 kills today pushing players off the map, even got a triple kill doing it, yep stay close together folks everyone on have a great fall. :slight_smile:
#2. Throwing fusion coils. Tough to do in multiplayer but I think I could throw fusion coils at hunters and brutes all day.

Today was one of those great days of Halo. Played Infinite all day, finished all the challenges already and best yet all challenges were able to be completed in FFA and fiesta my two favorite game types.


Just got my first “Pancake” today, absolutely ecstatic when I saw the medal and got the voice line.

I wish the physics were a tad more robust, but there is something really special about using the repulsor to redirect a shot back at a Scorpion and see the visible confusion of the player as they aim away from you and drive off out of your field of view.

I had a Grapply-jack on a Ghost that pulled the driver out over the edge of a cliff, while I lived. So that was fun.

Silly thing is that you can interact with players with all these things, yet we can’t even collide with the player using our Spartan model. Some day, I have to believe player collision will be turned on, lmao