Countering Heavy gunships


I have noticed that a cluster of heavy gunship doesnt seem to have a good counter.
For example, i saw that the enemy is building only gunships, so i switched to building only AA(reaver) to counter the air.
I spent almost all the pop cap on anti air( fully upgraded ). When i finally attacked the gunships…i managed to destroy only one before all my aa was gone.
( the enemy didnt use leader powers to kill off my aa ).
If AA cant take out gunships then…what combo will ?
I would expect a unit that does nothing other than attack aa to be more powerful against air units.

When you say gunships, are you referring to Vultures, Condors, or something else?

Im talking about vultures - which are built in mass.
Condor can be countered quite well.

Banshees work quite well. They can kite an out manuver vultures very easily. Reavers work well too, but you have to keep them from being balled up. Otherwise with any comp, you’ll he nuked by pheonix missles

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> Im talking about vultures - which are built in mass.
> Condor can be countered quite well.

Vultures lose to just about everything right now.

I would recommend using mass air (Hornets or Banshees), or a T2 vehicle mix (AA and Core) with atleast a third of your army being AA. Core infantry armies with supporting units can also do surprisingly well. Regardless of what path you take, remember to keep your units split up. Keeping your units balled up is just asking to be nuked by Pheonix Missiles.

If you keep your units split, aren’t behind in tech, and have similar population counts, Vultures die like paper mache.

I just never see vultures in this game. Cool unit tho

I have found the best thing to make would be tier 3 reavers mixed in with unggoy squads. Though send the unggoy first so the ships focus on them before moving in the reavers. Or just a reaver/glassing beam combo.

Vultures are not that powerful. But (idk if that’s the case) full pop vultures vs AA like reavers clumped together and no micro-ed might be wrecked with some phoenix missiles. In these engagements Leader Powers are decisive as well…

In general try not to leave too much time to your opponent to build an army which composition you don’t know. Either scout, harass, rush, etc.

Besides, blisterbacks, vultures are the worst air in the game which are only decent for base cracking and thats it. The lose to almost anything in the game and slow as a tank. DONT BUILD if you intend to use them as unit counters.

Vultures are weak when there is only a few of them, in large number they can take out aa so quickly. Unless you create a control group
for each 1-2 AA units, they are quite inevitably going to clump together. If you then create control groups for your vultures, you can send out 10 missiles spread out between AA groups and wreck them.
Countering them with banshees/hornets might work. Have to give that a shot.