Anyone else -Yoinking!- hate this map?

I like Countdown.
MLG 5 Flag on Cdown is my favorite gametype.

MLG is like a different game altogether.

Not since I played and watched games on MLG Countdown. Default Countdown sucks. The Sniper & Rockets change it so much, and make it so much better.

I agree. I’m not seriously complaining about it but wtf was Bungie thinking? If 343’s gonna remove clang, they should remove the sword from that map.

What bothers me about Countdown are the power weapons…

Which ever team controls the sword and/or Shotgun are, most likely, going to dominate the match. That is why everyone will sprint towards one of the power weapons at the very start of the match…

…and the concussion rifle is quite annoying. The MLG version of Countdown is much more balanced.