Council of Forerunners is looking for new members!

Hello everyone, i am the Ur Didact of the clan/community called the Council of Forerunners. We are a forerunner/promethean based clan with one goal, to be the first successful forerunner clan on halo 5. As i stated in the title we are currently looking for new members to join our ranks so we can build up a good foundation for the clan. We use discord to keep in contact with our members and to update alliances on new events and whatnot. We are active on a day to day basis and hold trainings, open raids, and recruitments quite often. If you wish to know more please contact FOTUS Duck on xbox or here on waypoint for more information…
Respectfully, FOTUS Duck

I’ll join and fotus duck doesn’t exist

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> I’ll join and fotus duck doesn’t exist

I’m sorry to say but you’re about 5 months late. Best of luck on finding another community. Shouldn’t be too hard bud.