Could you feel a spartan's pulse?

Do yall think that it would be possible to feel a spartan’s pulse through the nano suit under their armor?

Pretty obvious that the answer is no. The inner suit is thick enough to withstand some small-arms fire for reference.

I doubt it. There’s so much going on with that layer that I think it would be impossible to feel a pulse through it.

I’m curious if it would even be possible to feel a person’s pulse through a wetsuit.

Out of curiosity, why do you ask? Are you needing the info for a fan fic? As stated above, I seriously doubt it. That tech suit is part of the armor, meaning that it has the ability to stop bullets and dissipate plasma fairly well compared to other forms of armor. I doubt a pulse can get through if a bullet can’t.

I doubt you could feel a pulse through the tech suit as others have said. Too many nanolayers of technology and composite materials.

That being said, the armor itself almost unquestionably monitors regular body functions such as heart rate. So there is that.

I’m pretty sure if they had their suit no you couldn’t since it is a thick suit.

What if they were so inhumanly augmented that their pulse just ceased to be detectable as their blood pressure decreased to the minimal possible level to survive. haha