Could we please get a stronholds CTF playlist ?

Please even if it’s the only gametypes in the list i get tired of breakout and slayer CTF and stronholds almost never pop for me and i would like to play them give them there own playlist -Yoink!-

That would end up being this game’s Team Objective playlist since they’re the only non-Slayer gametypes in the game, haha!

It is getting pretty silly. I was willing to accept the minuscule amount of playlists at launch because the fewer there were, the easier it would be to iron out the kinks. Two weeks down the line (and more importantly, two of the most highly anticipated games of the year down the line) and still being so lacking in content is pushing it.

I dont know why team arena even exists. Maybe its like a tradition thing with halo? (not the biggest halo guy)

I assumed they dont want to split the population too much with alot of playlists in order to preserve the effectiveness of the ranking system. But since breakout and slayer already have dedicated playlists, if you eliminated team arena and gave CTF and strongholds their own lists… it only adds one extra playlist and then every player can choose exactly what they want to play, whenever they want.

Personally im digging CTF and its a shame I have to play other modes I dont care for just for an occasional CTF match. If I could just play CTF all day, I would play alot more halo 5.