Could we just stop responding to bait threads

Literally every other thread on this forum is created by troll accounts, yet only these baits get pages upon pages of replies where trolls and actual Halo fans are Locked in a never ending debate about how Halo sux and 343 should be fired, while great threads containing well reasoned, constructive criticism or genuine ideas largely go unnoticed.

I simply cannot comprehend how this community can fall for the same bait over and over. I mean how are 343 even supposed to take community feedback when all they see is constant trolling and this has been going on at least since the early Halo 4 days and it has to stop or the community will never achieve anything.

TL;DR: don’t reply to threads like “Hlao sucks and iz like cod” instead discuss stuff related to the actual game

I completely agree.

Just report them and move on. Don’t feed the trolls.

There a certain irony in telling people not to respond to bait threads and then making one yourself. :confused: