Could use some advice

By the time I reached sr 40 , I was averaging kdrs of 4-8 in arena matches. I got promoted from gold 1 to gold 3 and my kdr went from 0.6 to 1.2. Since the update my aim has been totally off and I’m playing like a noob. ive been demoted to gold 1 as well. Anyone got an idea as to what has happened?

Off day … we all have them ?

Did you change something aim specific?

really…I thought they had changed the controls or something. I seemed better with sensitivity 4 instead of my usual 7.

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> Did you change something aim specific?

no I didn’t but I had really gotten used to the pre update controls does anyone know all the defaults (or are the current defaults the same) Id like to reset them. the only difference was my look sensitivity I don’t think the rest of the stuff was changeable then

They’ve added the ability to tweak the aiming like deadzones and look acceleration so people may have just tweaked theirs a bit too. I’ve found myself playing more consistent but also noticed people are hitting their shots more as well. The casual audience won’t play around with that much so it’ll create a bit of separation but it’s definitely a huge factor to how you play.

so is there an optimum

> 2535466171875810;7:
> so is there an optimum

That, Omar, depends on you.

They have updated your control options but it’s still set to default if you didnt change them,so Look acceleration,inner and Outer deadzone are still untouched?
Here is a tutorial that maybe help.

Thanks a lot guys. Hopefully it was just a bad day (two actually) and I can get good again with a lil training

I’m with you OP idk what changed since the update but I suck so bad lately. I’m not talking one or 2 games I’m talking like the past 4 days. Ever since the update dropped I can’t get a kda higher than 4 or 5. I had the commedation for bulldozer before the update I’m not great by any means but I thought I was good, or at least better than a majority of people I played with. I used to be the top player win or lose like 80% of my matches, but now I suck -Yoink- I’m the bottom player like every game now. Seriously what’s goin on?