Could this please everyone? (sprint)

Ok, so I have been reading the bunch of posts about Sprint. Some defend it and some don’t want to see it in a Halo game. Could this please to everyone?

-Remove Sprint.
-Base movement speed raised to sprint speed (So people who want sprint to go fast can do it, and the people who don’t want sprint, doesn’t have it. This also makes better strafe and 343 don’t have to rescale all the maps)
-Charge and Slide are now a thruster button combo. Thrusters+melee = charge and thrusters+crouch=slide. (The thrusters and it’s combos all share the 4 sec cooldown)

Also, reading in the Team Beyond forums, someone suggested that Ground Pound shouldn’t be a basic trait, but an ability attached to a legendary weapon (He suggested the Fist of Rukt)

What do you think? Would this please everyone?

Sprint is fine. Its been massively nerfed too.
We need to stop with these sprint threads, its getting old.

How about we just play the beta and see how it goes.

So it’s like Sprinting, except we can shoot? No.

I actually cheekily suggested to some players that we could always up the base player speed. This was in response to their claim Halo was slow, boring and outdated. It’s not about speed. It’s about the attached emotional gratification of “running” in game. Only a handful have been able to argue the benefits of sprint as a gameplay mechanic. It’s always about the feeling of the game. I dare say a faster base player speed would actually confuse most players.

It was actually Halo’s “slowness” that allowed new players in to the game.

These forums about sprint need to stop…