Could the weapons we are seeing be ONI?

Okay so this is based on a theory a while back. Most of the weapons we have seen in the halo 5 beta trailer (I know it is concepts but be patient) there are lots of thing that just scream out ONI.

  1. None of it looks like it belongs to the UNSC not even the SMG.

  2. Based on the architecture of “Agent Locke’s” armour the weapons can be given some comparisons.

Could we possibly be seeing not just “UNSC” “Covenant” and “Forerunner” weapon category’s but also and ONI category?

Also there is the ONI REAP-X project going on may I add.

I think its just graphical upgrades plus shifting technologies. If this were an example of the ONI weapon class…90% being recolours is even worse than the forerunner weapon class.

I don’t really see how they “don’t look UNSC”.

If they were ONI or even based on Locke they’d probably be black with blue lights.

> 1. None of it looks like it belongs to the UNSC not even the SMG.

Wait, what?

Could make sense depending on whether ONI plays a friendly role or an enemy one.

Something that I found interesting is that the AR looks like it did in the Combat Evolved announcement trailer from over ten years ago.

E3 2000 … a little bit? They certainly changed the color of the grip and stock in H5. It reminded me of this version.

Here’s the new one: H5G AR

I don’t know … what do you think?

This might be me misreading but I don’t know how the weapons don’t look UNSC.