Could Spartan Ops lead to Halo 5?

Halo 4’s Spartan Ops seems to have a much deeper story than I (and probably others) had anticipated, introducing Halsey and continuing with Jul 'Mdama trying to find Forerunner artifacts and also the Librarian’s Shrine, in order to locate Forerunner weapons, ships and more spread throughout the galaxy. Is this story arc going to lead us to Halo 5? It seems likely, seeing as Spartan Ops is all canonical and the Covenant and Forerunners (Prometheans) are still at large even after the Didact’s ‘death’. Halo 5 could be the Covenant discovering another Forerunner relic and the Didact’s return could be on the cards too. Spartan Ops is going to last a substantially long time, possibly finishing near the announcement of Halo 5 (as it is already in development.

This post was just some random idea sharing but I’m open to any ideas or suggestions that anyone else may have!