Could Somebody Explain This To Me?

Alright, so after extensively playing this game I can surmise the matchmaking system it pretty horrific. The game itself is good, but is tarnished by the matchmaking.

Could somebody please try to explain to me, why 343 thought it was a good idea to start a game of BTB 8v4? I can’t remember the last time the game actually started with even teams, let alone 8v8. On top of that, the whole “join in progress” feature doesn’t seem to work very well. I admit, I hate joining games in progress but life goes on. What I don’t understand is where is the difficulty in finding 2 replacement players for a team (more or less) considering the game just started with one team having way more players?

Thanks for anyone clearing this up. I just cannot get my head around 343’s thought process on this one.


Bump for good justice.

So people not getting abandoned by their team mates perhaps?