Could Pierre Hintz give an interview or write up on the franchise

Given all that’s transpired with 343 and Halo over the past year, I think it would be really good for the community to hear from the new studio head. Please give us a State of the Franchise Address. While I know he won’t be able to share details about things that are not yet announced, I think it’s important for him to step out of the shadows and give us his vision & pitch for how he plans to handle the franchise under his leadership.

I’m not looking for some PR boilerplate stuff like was recently tweeted… I want to see a real heart to heart message to the community. I’m not saying make promises that can’t be kept but just be real with us about what the challenges are and what’s being done to try and address them. True fans of any franchise will have respect if they feel like they are being genuinely communicated with.


Per Twitter

“343 Industries will continue to develop Halo now and in the future, including epic stories, multiplayer, and more of what makes Halo great.”

That’s the claim. We’ll likely hear more when they start talking about Season 3 dropping. Probably, “look at this season 3 stuff”. But I think main concern is about campaign and story.

In fact they’ll probably show part of the cinematic for Lone Wolves as the “we’re still doing Halo story stuff”. Not ideal. Hopefully better than last time. But that’s probably the best hand they have because they arent likely to say “we’re working on Halo 7: Atriox worst day”. That sort of announcement won’t come in a news stream. So they can’t say much more than they have already said really in that regard.


I don’t know a lot of about Pierre.

He may not be the front and centre media type. And that’s OK. That’s not necessarily what he is there for.

But I do hope that he gets 343 itself on the front foot. Continue the good work they did with Season 2 promotion leading into Xmas.

Going back into their shell would be a huge mistake.


That’s exactly the issue. The top comments with thousands of likes were “But you guys ruined Halo” and “L”, since if it wasn’t blindingly apparent already, most of the Halo community disagrees wholeheartedly with all of those statements in that post.

I know Pierre fixed MCC, so I have high hopes that he can fix Infinite and secure a bright future for Halo, but man, my hopium tank is on E and has multiple holes in it, so it’ll take a lot of time and solid evidence for me to repair it

I hope we start seeing a lot more Q&A’s, community posts, and public announcements, instead of the absolute silence that we’ve gotten since 2019. I’m actually shocked and impressed at how quickly he responded to these claims. Hope it continues (preferably longer and in detail)


I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear nothing more and the current situation gets downplayed.


There is probably an NDA built into their contracts.

And Microsoft laid off 10,000 employees… so the 60 or so from 343 are small fry in the bigger picture.

What we got from Pierre is probably the only comment we’ll get about the matter itself.

What we want now is an updated road map.


Is it tho? You finish the story and that’s it, that’s how it works, wait for next Halo where the story will pick up and continue, that’s the nature of SP campaigns, just get over it already. Maybe if they actually executed the open/semi-open concept much better, filled the world with ton of side quests, random encounters/mini boss fights etc., just filled the world with stuff to mess with like other open-world games do it would greatly extend the campaign’s length and replayability, but then again, you’d have to add some RPG elements like other games do for all of it to make sense and to be worth spending time on to begin with, but that wouldn’t be Halo anymore and you don’t want that. Infinite should’ve been a linear cinematic blockbuster experience really if we’re at it, but it is what it is, maybe they’ll do better next time (press X to doubt).

Yup, very much so. Just tell me if you’re at least looking into stuff like forced crossplay, reworking those garage controls, doing anything about lag/desync, tweaking that terrible matchmaking, reworking the store so you can actually buy stuff etc. I just want to know if I should bother at all with the game anymore or just uninstall already.

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Because it took them 7 years between Halo 5 and Infinite. So anything suggesting waiting even longer is a big concern. Plus if they had issues getting Infinite out the door well how is a smaller team going to succeed? Surely if you are scaling down the team then you are scaling back your plans? This ain’t CoD with your annual games. There’s a reason people got excited for Infinite it had actually been a long time since a Halo game came out.

If another studio took over, the odds are they would either reboot or play it safe with a random side adventure. You would probably see them go towards more of a static universe where: oh here’s this Forerunner Installation to smash up and it’s only relevant to this tiny corner. They might say the fate of the Galaxy is at stake but nothing will come of it. Very much the case with Halo Wars 2 and most of the novels.

Controversial opinion. I don’t like Arena shooters. I prefer the likes of Battlefield where you have your big maps, teams and it adds a lot of variety and tempo to the game. Even a game of BTB in UNSC base 35 just ain’t as good as storming through the Trenches and out into the French Countryside. If it wasn’t Halo and associated with that story I would probably not pick it up any more than I would say Overwatch or CoD. With the latter having really become a Battle Royale game at that.

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That’s just the reality, that’s how long it takes to make AAA single-player games nowadays, anywhere between 4-6 years. The bright side is that they already have a new engine, so it should be much, much easier and faster to build the next hame on it.

That isn’t reality, when other games are coming out complete in that time while Infinite is incomplete by their own standards. Forge was added 1 year in, and as a live service it will never be “done” unt they stop adding. There are fewer maps, and armour pieces than before despite their structure making the addition of such easier. I either want a roadmap or more layoffs, Infinite is not worth it.

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I feel you and I think exactly the same, give us a roadmap or at very least the list of thing’s you’re gonna fix/add, like firstly we’re gonna do this, then we will move onto this, after that we’ll add this etc. Or just have a courage like EA with Battlefield and admin you screwed up big times and it’s not worth working on the game anymore and that you promise to do better next time. Just… stop wasting people’s time already and leave both the game and community in this kind of limbo state…


Ubisoft put out multiple open world assassins creed games in this same timeframe.


Which all got pretty chunky DLC that were basically new games like the Atlantis story pack.


They’re all basically the same copy-paste ganes with changed setting, all made on the sane Anvil engine. So like I said, chances are we’re gonna see next Halo sooner that anyone expects given it’s also gonna use Slipspace engine and they already have a lot of sub-systems in place.

Same engine but separate studios. Again like CoD they have multiple studios working on AC titles at once. There were reports of AC Valhalla having 15 (!) studios involved. Engine development is a factor but the majority of the people involved with SP campaigns are working on the game’s assets and I doubt people would be chill if they copy/pasted the same biome from Infinite again. So I don’t think comparisons with AC take us very far.

That aside - weren’t there rumors that even DLC for Infinite might switch to UE5 instead of Slipspace? They wouldn’t have to deal with much of the graphics code anymore however they would need to rebuild a lot of the halo specific stuff (i.e. make the game feel like Halo instead of Unreal Tournament 2023).

There’s rumors they’re switching to UE and rumors that the rumors of a switch are wrong and they’re sticking with Slipspace. Nobody knows at this point. FWIW, IMO, the only legit downside to Slipspace is needing to train people on the idiosyncrasies of the tools and engine - but this is something that many other studios have figured out how to handle, and we only have rumor and assumption that 343 hasn’t handled it. Hopefully the leadership shuffle that happened end of last year has been good in that regard if it wasn’t squared away already.

Honestly? I’d like for some of the top Halo creators to be able to ask questions. None of this pre-planned bs, just talking to the Halo Community.