Could ONI's hate of Hasley be handeled better

One thing I’ve noticed that causes alot of people’s hate towards 343/travis’ handling of common perception of Halsey boils down to how hippocritical its director is. There are plenty of threads that cover this already.

One thing that did hit me though, is would this have gone down better if she had died/retired, and a new character had become ONI’s director, and suddenly learned of all the crap that ONI’s been up to, and thus have the negative reaction towards Hasley.

It isn’t uncommon in various stories for there to be alot of tension when new management comes into play. There could be a number of ways this person wasnt involved in the program before hand. She/he could simply have always been opposed to it, and now is doing something about it now that they have power. Otherwise it could have been another admiral appointed to the position (kind of like General Patraeus was leader of the CIA). Being a former ‘front-line’ (relative to ONI) commander may also explain his/her bloodthirstyness towards the elites.

I think a large part of the current ONI hate is more how its being handeled.

I know this is all highly hypothetical, and its too late for 343 to change it now (though its likely Osman, someone else with a chip on her shoulder with halsey, is now in power by halo 4’s time), but I’m curious what other people’s thoughts are.

And this is in totally the wrong forum.

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I can’t imagine new management of ONI being horribly outraged by what goes on. ONI has a reputation after all.