Could not find a server that was suitable...

I’ve been having an issue for weeks where I get the message “Could not find a server that was suitable for all members of your fireteam” while trying to play any online game mode. I am solo queuing, have no issues with Xbox live on other games, NAT type is Open. I spoke with Microsoft support, they had me try restarting my router, hard reset the xbox, even uninstall and reinstall the game but I still get the same message. This is extremely disappointing, I’ve played since launch with no issue until about 3 weeks ago. It’s also incredibly frustrating that 343 has no way of getting in contact or offering support other than this forum. I’ve seen other people have this issue as well but haven’t come across any solution. If anyone has any other tips/suggestions I’d appreciate it.

Did you ever find a solution?

I decided to play the game after a few years only to have the same issue. Spent 3 hours searching every thread then I saw someone mention an issue with their ISP. I’ve had issues in the past especially on my PC trying to access the blizzard servers.

I have a Comcast modem/router combo with the wifi disabled. Then I also have an Asus router which I use for everything. So the fix was to log
in to my Comcast modem/router and bridge it with my Asus router. Still boggles my mind that I didn’t do this before. But bridging it fixed my issue anyway. I think this may have actually fixed my issue trying to connect to the blizzard servers. I used to have to use a VPN to get it to work.

Hope that helps.