Could Locke try not to get too attached to Osiris?

I wonder if Locke will try not to get attached to Osiris. If this is the case, it will probably be a result of his journey on the 04 fragment and pretty much how his teammates turned on each other as well as him. Do you this has affected him and as a result he won’t try to get too attached to the other members of Osiris?


I think Locke will be a very mission oriented individual. But I don’t think that will mean he doesn’t care about his men. Quite the opposite. During nightfall (despite how much I disliked it) he was very accommodating and good to those who weren’t acting like deceitful lunatics (that is the #1 reason I didn’t like it, what kind of elite unit is so mutinous and deplorable on such a basic level? Stinks of the classic Ridley Scott studio’s plot stupidity.)

That being said, I don’t think he’s the kind to cut loose either, and judging by the theatre preview footage:

He may get a much needed chill pill beaten into him by chief himself.

Probably. He was pretty attached to his team on nightfall

It would make sense but then again these people he’s leading now are different from his original team. And plus they aren’t ONI.