Could Infinite have the Flood while being T rated?

I honestly think if Halo 2 and 3 were released today, they’d be rated T instead of M.

Sure the Flood does play a factor. But after:

  • playing through the Uncharted games and fighting against undead enemies whilst hearing Nathan Drake say “s***” and “a**hole” every other word
  • exploring tombs filled with decayed corpses
  • seeing Arkham inmates being transformed and turned into abominations
  • seeing the Joker’s blooded smile whilst holding a knife
    - being haunted with disturbing images from Scarecrow
  • as well as witnessing the dark lore of Horizon Zero Dawn

I can’t help but think that Halo Infinite could be as “mature” as Halo 2 and 3 and still get a T rating.

Which gives me a bit of hope that 343 isn’t held back when it comes to exploring dark themes and allowing the Flood to be in the game if the story calls for it.

They’d have to make it so that the bodies don’t get blown apart to make it a T rating and no one wants Flood that’s unable to be broken into pieces

basically make the blood green and the problems solved. Make anything human inhuman and the flexability you have with violence goes up

I’m not sure about that. If they keep the flood like H3 then it will dip too far into the M catagory. Between watching a newly infected person scream while snapping their own neck, blowing up the bodies of the flood piece by piece, and the mangled bodies (which I can only imagine what they’d look like in today’s graphics…).

Overall I would say H3 and 2 feel more like T games then M, but with how the ESRB works they would give an M for any one thing.