Could I get banned for?

I was about to get a rapid fire controller and I was wondering if it was something that would be considered a ban-able offense in matchmaking, custom games, campaign, or all of the above?
I would like this answered by an official of course, but all thoughts are welcome!

Yes. It will get your Xbox permanently banned from Xbox Live.

Considering they are hardly noticeable on Reach and you would have to somehow compensate it with Bloom, you won’t even be noticed.

This old chestnut, I have seen these threads many times over the years but never seen an official answer, some will say you will some will say you won’t,

As it’s modding it could be classed as against the the rules, but you can buy licensed rapid fire controllers, if you use one are you cheating ?

I used to have joystick for my PS 2 beat em ups, if I went online was I cheating ?

I will watch the thread if it survives a lock, as it’s about modding it could be locked, good luck with it.

I don’t think you can even use it for modding in Reach. Every weapon has a timer between shots, so you can’t spam.

If you wanna use it, go into CoD BO or MW2 and get your hands on the FAL. Have fun!