Could Halsey be responsible for the events ?

Dr. Halsey stated she wanted revenge at the end of spartan ops. In Halo 5 she was with Jul abd she is now back on infinity again…imo ready to unleash her plan. They seemed to emphasize throughout the game that she created Cortana even though we already new that ? Not to mention how was Cortana in the system of the Arbiter’s camp ? Was this what she planned Cortana to be for ? Something seems fishy, why all of a sudden she wants to help the UNSC is puzzling to me.

Halsey only ever wanted to help humanity and know all that was knowable. What she says to an enemy combatant who is holding her prisoner is whatever you have to say in order to get them to believe that you still have value to them.

Read Halo Escalation or look it up. She didn’t cause any of this to happen.