Could Halo Xbox one also be halo win 8

Look, some one brings this up in the lead up to a halo release in every game since halo 2.

What I am Asking; will we possibly see the halo franchise return to the pc like the ports of halo 1 and 2.

The reason I am asking this question this time around is because I think that halo Xbox 1 has the best chance of going to the pc.

Here are the reasons that increase the chance of Halo Xbox one coming back to pc:

  • Xbox one shares the exact same architecture/instruction set as most pcs of today (that is the x86-64 Instruction set).
  • Windows 8 (win 7 misses out here) now has all of the current Xbox APIs (programing shortcuts provided by OS and code frameworks) unless Microsoft adds more APIs to the new Xbox then almost all the code used in making the new halo is able to be used in a pc version (theoretically no ports just adjustments for controls and then recompiling).
  • Windows 8s already tight integration with Xbox (we are already seeing XBLA games coming to the win 8 market place.
  • Poor windows 8 sales (I am aware that although I like windows 8, it takes a lot to learn how to use and people hate it because of it), Microsoft has done this for windows vista in the past (halo 2 for win vista)
    Now of course this must all be taken with a full shake of the salt container and so here are the reasons why it may not end up on the PC:
  • Halo the Xbox exclusive (why buy the Xbox if you can play all the AAA franchises elsewhere).
  • Poor reception of the Xbox one (takes on from where the first point left off), the first the announcement of the Xbox one was received poorly and Sony is grabbing the ball and running with it (so to speak). One of the only ways Microsoft can stop Sony scoring is exclusives (and price but that’s a different story).
  • Halo Spartan Assault the a halo spin off title that is for windows/wp 8 should sate the appetite for Halo pc (even though I think it just whets it because it is more of a casual halo game not a hard core halo game in my books)

I am forever hopeful that that halo comes back to the pc as well but who knows. let me know your thoughts on the subject and if I may have missed a point here.

I think piracy might be an issue…
And the fact that not everyone has a computer capable of running high end video games…
And possibly because it would probably negatively impact Xbox One sales (why buy an XOne when you can just run it on PC?)

If it came out on PC, no one would buy an Xbox One. Personally, I would buy a PS4 if it came out on PC.

If it came out for PC it’d likely be a few years down the line, just like they did for Halo 1 and 2’s PC’s ports. This is so it doesn’t hurt the xbox sales.

The fact there hasn’t been pc ports of 3 and on seems to suggest the PC versions weren’t making enough money to warrant the effort.

It’s called “halo xbox one” not “halo xbox one and windows 8”

I hope not…

As a die-hard hater to everything Windows 8, and given how Spartan Assault really wasn’t all that great, I’d prefer that Halo 5 (Halo Xbox One) remains as a console exclusive.

Yeah I am getting a Ps4 next generation. If they said that it was on PC i would not even consider the X-1. Right now my decision on Xbox One is being based entirely on if H5 returns to its roots or not.