Could Brutes possibly come back in Halo 5?

I know not everybody likes the behemoths, but they were lots more fun to kill. You see, the Brutes would actually fit in perfectly with Warzone. If 343 finally adds Elites as playable characters and wanted to keep it cannon, I could see the Elites wanting to kill lots of Brutes. Plus 343 should add more Brute weapons. The Spike rifle was a fan favorite and the Brute Shot would be perfect for a new Legendary Mythic weapon. I personally don’t favor the Brutes but I would like it if we could remember how fun to kill they were and how funny they could be,

aye dun no yyy ebbywun hayts ubs. :frowning:

buttz aye wuld lyk tube beh ay mipppic baws tho

#BrutiusForMythicBoss #MythicBossBrutius