could anyone with a Yahoo! account help me out, here?

theres a guy on Yahoo answers who has asked the same question several times… he thinks Cortana is a Forerunner AI, possibly even a Forerunner. i keep trying to tell him (and others) that he’s wrong. could someone just please answer his question, telling him no, she is not Forerunner? thank you.

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oh, sorry… i meant to put this in General Disc. could a mod please move it?

The question is locked now so I can’t answer it…

Cortana isn’t a direct flash clone of Halsey’s brain though, creating a smart AI requires a human brain, the human needs to not be using their brain at the time, or any time after that for that matter. Usually donated by dead academics .

Halsey had to make a flash clone of herself, morally objectionable in and of itself, then presumably killed the clone and harvested the requisite parts of the brain to make Cortana.

Source: Fall of Reach & Glasslands

Blates not Forerunner though, that whole idea is just dumb.

Yeah, he realized his error, and gave me Best Answer haha

And yeah, I know she’s not. I had already told him how she was made, and on his decongestant questions I just didn’t want to explain it again