Could 343 tell us what stuff we could do in the other games to maybe get a cosmetic in halo infinite

Just tell us what we can do, like level 152 in halo 5, to get some sort of cosmetic in halo infinite. I hope that’s not the only thing we can do to get something. I would suppose doing the campaigns on legendary would give something but only 343 can tell.

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So far the only ones we know of is the one you mentioned, 152 in Halo 5, although I wouldn’t be surprised if there aren’t any other than it. It’s not common to have in-game rewards for playing previous titles and the only one that comes to mind which has something like this is OG Halo 3 with vidmaster and Halo 5 with Helioskrill.

Sure it’s a fun idea to have, gives incentive to play MCC, although telling everyone outright would be rather boring. Why not wait for the game to launch and look over the achievements when it’s out? What’s the rush?

My hope is that they have those available in future updates. Especially since the mechanism already exists for them to see how achieved what in previous games. So we know SR152 for Halo 5. There should be one for beating all of the MCC campaigns on Legendary, for instance.

I hope there will be some stuff for doing things in halo mcc like achieving max rank, and maybe stuff for halo wars and fireteam raven. but i doubt there will be anything for the games that are now under the legacy halo section (xbox 360 games). but they should deffo add stuff for all current active halo games.

I’m not sure they’ll want us to go play other games instead of Infinite.