Could 343 combine Vetoing and Voting?

So here’s an idea that came to mind while I was reading about the debate between map selection systems. How about combining Vetoing and Voting for the best of both systems? In my mind it would go something like this:

A map is randomly selected when a lobby is full, however, the players have the opportunity to vote for the game type they prefer, or veto as a fourth option if they do not like the map. Majority would then win.

Of course, something like this would not work in Action Sack as much because of the dependence on both map and gametype, and slayer playlists could possibly do away with the voting and just have a veto option for the map. However on mixed playlists like BTB I think this would be a great way to get a good variety in maps and still have some control over what you play.

I’m pretty sure 343i said there won’t be voting or veto options. It’s just going to be a rotation of random game modes and maps.

I guess it’s a decent idea, but I’d prefer to just get into a match rather than waste time messing around in the lobby with a bunch of fickle players who can’t agree on what to play. I think the only solution to that problem is to remove choice from the equation and have the game tell the players what they’ll be playing. I’m glad Halo 5 is doing this.

Your system still polarizes the most popular gametype slayer as probably being the most selected pick. Objective is hard to come by in MCC except maybe in big team, but most of the time the popular vote is slayer. I wouldn’t mind having no input at all, and simply play randomized games. Nothing is the same twice in a row (hopefully).

True, still though in objective playlists there are a lot of gamemodes and the types are so varied that I feel like you need a vote system so you don’t get stuck with 5 flag stockpile xD