Couch(local) Co-op Achievements

Last time I played MCC with my wife through local/couch Co-op only one of us was receiving achievements even though both of us were signed in. Needless to say, my wife was pretty unhappy that she wasn’t receiving the same achievements for completing campaign missions. Did this issue ever get fixed? I mean it kinda sucks to play local with two different profiles and only one of them receive achievements. Any feedback would be appreciated.

When i did split-screen campaign with my dad some achievements popped for him and others weren’t but the achievements where stuck on Done! Unlocking, it’s a chase of checking your wife’s achievement progress and seeing if the achievements are glitched into the Done! Unlocking bug…it means that they will unlock and give her the achievement at some point thou it may be a few days or a few months.

If it’s not in that state it means that the game glitched and your wife, if she really wants the achievements, may have to run though the levels again to unlock them.

Thanks. I will have to check after we make a run through some levels.